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Optimize IBM i Application Testing

X-Datatest is a comprehensive data and test management solution, providing the functionality required to test large IBM i (AS/400) applications while helping to ensure full data protection. Effectively test IBM i Applications


Improve Testing On Your IBM i

IBM i applications have typically been heavily modified over the years, and usually do not have a complete library of test cases or specifications. In addition, data protection principles have not always been applied. Yet, testing is the key to successful development and smooth implementation, and regulatory compliance is a growing concern. Without solid, appropriately-sized test databases and the ability to rapidly and accurately test screens, data and business logic, it becomes almost impossible to ensure that errors and inconsistencies are eliminated before go-live. Fresche’s X-Datatest and X-Replay products provide everything you need to conduct end-to-end testing of your IBM i applications while ensuring that sensitive data are protected.

Inside Every IBM i Monolith is a Modern Architecture Just Waiting to Get Out

Code transformation

Data Protection

Implement data protection principles including full anonymization to assist in achieving compliance with regulations such as GDPR, SOX, HIPAA.

Test Data Management

Automatically build and refresh test data while running validation for table relationships. Archive, purge & subset data to prepare for testing.
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Generate Code Coverage reports to verify testing completeness and identify untested elements. Analyse before and after reports in regression testing.

Helping You Effectively Test Large, Complex Applications on IBM i

Fresche has developed the industry-leading approach to testing IBM i applications. X-Analysis cross reference metadata is used to map all data files related to a task and ensures that records selected for testing have all related records from related files. The testing databases thus have predictable data with referential integrity. Anonymization of data has been highly automated and database subsets greatly improve testing speed and accuracy.

From the main database, X-Datatest automatically creates smaller data subsets that maintain complete referential integrity for quicker, more accurate testing.
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Anonymize Data and Implement Regulatory Compliance Principles

X-Datatest can help you work toward achieving compliance with data protection regulations such as GDPR, SOX, HIPAA, etc. X-Datatest automates complete anonymization of sensitive data while ensuring integrity of the data format so that testing remains perfectly coherent; formats such as dates, names, ID numbers, etc. are maintained but completely anonymized so that tests run correctly with complete protection of personal data. X-Datatest also helps you implement the following principles:

Right to be Informed

Quickly finds where customer information is stored in DB2 files and anonymizes sensitive data.

Right to Access

Easily subsets all the data related to a person.

Right to Erasure

Quickly removes data and related information.

Right to Restrict Processing

Archives and sets aside your data.

Right to Data Portability

Provides copies of information stored about you in DB2.

Right to Object and Profiling

Facilitates DB2 changes with minimal disruption.

How X-Datatest Can Help You

Set up database subsets

Data subsets contain only the files and related data used to test a development or maintenance project. This improves testing performance accuracy and long-term coding quality.

Improve testing accuracy

Test databases created by X-Datatest have predictable data with referential integrity. X-Datatest verifies and reports on referential integrity of entire live data based upon existing application data model.

Protect sensitive data

Anonymization technology improves privacy by letting you mask sensitive data while retaining the integrity of special formats such as telephone numbers, names, Zip/Post codes, etc.

Protect business relationships through compliance

New regulations such as GDPR require compliance that goes beyond anonymization. Doing business with European companies will soon be difficult without full regulatory compliance.

Save time and money

Cost and time for all major testing activities is greatly reduced through automation (for example: understanding data model and flow; test data management; regression testing; anonymization).

Speed regression testing

X-Datatest provides you with a high-level view of test results and comparisons, enabling you to quickly hone in on potential defects and isolate problems.

Banks and other companies dealing with a customer's private data rely on data masking to replace sensitive information with a non-sensitive proxy. This non-sensitive data can be used in business processes without changing the applications or data storages facilities.

Jaime Penagos, Regional Manager

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