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Avaya Call Center Solutions

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Web-based Call Center Reporting

In the fast-paced realm of call centers, Avaya Call Center Solutions offers cutting-edge tools for better efficiency and performance analysis. N-Focus, N-Focus AES, and N-Focus Plus present a trio of solutions designed to revolutionize your Avaya call center operations.

Avaya Call Center Solutions

What Avaya Call Center Solutions Can Do For You

Unparalleled Visibility through Web-Based Reporting

Experience the power of web-based analysis with N-Focus, providing real-time insights into call center performance and informed decision-making.

Effortless Performance Monitoring with N-Focus AES

Simplify Avaya call center management with cradle-to-grave reporting that offers you a comprehensive view of call operations.

Seamless Integration with CMS via N-Focus Plus

Improve contact center data accessibility and enable unlimited access performance reports through a web browser, all while maintaining strict permission controls.

Real-Time Alert Triggers for Proactive Management

Stay ahead with real-time alerts that highlight critical call center events, take immediate action, and improve operational efficiency.

Streamlined Reporting via Scheduled Email Distribution

Provides the convenience of scheduled email reports, ensuring stakeholders receive timely insights delivered directly to your inbox.

Mobile Device Interface for On-the-Go Insights

Access call center performance data anytime, anywhere with mobile device compatibility, ensuring supervisors stay connected and informed while away from their desks.

Experience Unprecedented Insights into Call Center Performance

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