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Real-Time IBM i Web Reports, Queries and Dashboards

Reporting Made Easy with Templates

Clover Query is a business intelligence tool that enables users to create real-time web-based reports. It includes DB2, MySQL and MS SQL templates so you can produce professional looking reports in minutes.

What You Can Do With Clover

Web-Based Reports

Create web-based reports in minutes with DB2, MySQL and MS SQL templates that create the HTML and SQL for you.

Charts and KPIs

Produce graphical reports that are easy to interpret so users can analyze key performance indicators from desktops or mobile devices.


Visually display data in dashboards (see gallery) so decision-makers can see the big picture and drill down to the details.


The Clover SmartCharts templates create bar, line and pie charts. The charts use SmartCharts™, which consists of charts and key performance indicators (KPIs) that provide instant snapshots of vital business metrics and help you visually improve the communication of business information. All SmartCharts are included at no additional cost and can easily be integrated with Clover.

"Accessing Clover web reports is as easy as opening your browser. Clover reports saves both our sales force and customer service representatives in the corporate office precious time and dollars."

-Stephanie Beall, Encompass Group, LLC

How Clover Can Help You:

Create Reports Quickly

Reduce reporting backlogs by allowing developers and end users to rapidly create reports. Clover includes templates and wizards that guide users through each step so anyone can create ad hoc reports without any coding required.

Easy Access to Reports

Access reports any time and from anywhere directly from a browser. You can also secure and organize access to reports in menus with Nexus Portal.

Leverage Existing Data

Give users the tools to unlock hard-to-access information from multiple databases. Users can also import predefined Query/400 queries and easily output them as dynamic web reports, graphs and spreadsheets.

Improve Decision Making

Enhance decision making with real-time data that shows an accurate picture of your organization's performance. With up-to-date information at their fingertips, users can spot trends, predict results and track KPIs.

Visual Data

Produce graphical reports that look modern and are easy to interpret. Using Clover's customizable templates, users can create reports and dashboards that let them see the big picture and drill down to the details.

Save Money

Reduce printing costs by producing web-based reports. You can also save money with Clover's unlimited end-user license that lets all of your users run web-based reports that help them make informed business decisions.

Key Technical Features

  • DB2, MySQL and MS SQL report templates
  • Trend lines
  • Fully integrated with WebSmart IDE
  • Codeless design process
  • Line, bar and pie
  • Reports as portlets