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X-DB Modernize

Automatic conversion of DDS to DDL provides access to all the latest database features from IBM.

Is database modernization necessary?

There are a variety of reasons to modernize your IBM i databases. The two primary reasons are to take advantage of IBM’s latest database features while remaining on IBM i, and to make data more easily available to users. IBM no longer makes its newest database features available on DDS, so the move to DDL is essential. By moving to DDL, you are effectively opening up DB2 to your business.
X-DB Modernize - Data model Diagram
X-DB Modernize - Data model Diagram

X-DB Modernize handles the entire process

X-DB Modernize facilitates automatic DDS-to-DDL conversion. The product converts the database, copies production data into the new database and does not require re-compiling of programs. Before conversion to DDL, X-DB Modernize provides an automated report of any problems that require attention. This helps you identify and resolve issues in advance of conversion. PF files with non-unique keys, files with zero members and no matching parent keys in derived constraints are just some of the issues highlighted in the report.

How X-DB Modernize can help you:

Automatically convert DDS to DDL

X-DB Modernize handles all aspects of the conversion automatically, ensuring accuracy and completeness with little manual effort.

Find new resources

New DBAs are far more familiar with the DDL structure, and resources who know DDS are becoming more difficult to find.

Improve strategic alignment

Moving to DDL helps with strategic alignment throughout the enterprise, helping to bring older technology in line with newer.

Resolve issues early

Interactive reports give you complete pre-conversion analysis and source lists for objects that may be problematic, ensuring a clean and accurate conversion to DDL.

Improve performance/integrity

Performance is enhanced on DDL and includes increased security features; data integrity features are significantly enhanced on DDL.

Begin your modernization journey

Modernized databases are one of the first steps in the process of making information available through different means — modern UIs, mobile, cloud.

Key Technical Features

  • Builds CRUD Map and matrix for all DB IO.
  • Generates database RPGSQLLE service programs.
  • Creates Hibernate configuration files and JPA package from generated relational model
  • Export of DDL from relational data model.
  • Exports UML Class Diagrams from relational data model
  • Converts DDS to DDL (Problem analysis, auto recovery of constraints, long names and views etc.)

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