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Automatic resizing of database fields and all fields in affected programs on IBM i eliminates risk and reduces project length.

Manual or automatic?

Companies often outgrow the size of the fields in their databases, which requires a field expansion project. Field resizing creates numerous changes throughout an application. It affects fields in many files and cascades through variables across numerous programs. There are many exceptions and code-related problems that affect the scope of the work that needs to be done. As a result, attempting to perform field expansion manually for anything but the smallest databases is next to impossible. Taking an automated approach with X-Resize removes the risk of human error and ensures a rapid, accurate outcome.
X-Resize - Detailed Impact Analysis

X-Resize eliminates manual labor and guesswork

X-Resize provides all of the tools necessary to identify and help resolve issues at all stages of the resizing project. X-Resize generates a comprehensive suite of reports and drill-down inquiries that identify any system components that may be affected by changing a field definition. It provides a detailed impact assessment pre-conversion, eliminates guess work and automatically handles all aspects of the resizing task. In addition, the tool provides exception reports for overlapping fields, screen size restrictions and other issues.

A Look at X-Resize

Field resizing overview

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How X-Resize can help you:

Automate the project

X-Resize identifies objects that require change, detects problems, highlights objects requiring manual change and then automatically converts thousands of objects in just minutes.

Increase accuracy, reduce risk

The automated process finds all objects that require change, completely eliminating guesswork and ensuring that the project is completed successfully.

Reduce time required

Manual re-sizing projects are all but impossible; X-Resize drastically shortens the time required for all aspects of the project, freeing resources for other work.

View all affected areas

Impact analysis highlights what will change and what will be affected even if it does not change. X-Resize also highlights areas requiring manual intervention.

Convert, compile & view

Convert and compile the code and then view all of the changes that were made; X-Resize comments out previous lines, annotates changes and lets you easily view changed screens, so you have complete control over the conversion process.

Easily debug

Sophisticated search criteria including aliases, exclusion words, and predefined sets make the tasks of identifying and reporting the impact of changes accurate and efficient; exception reports highlight overlays and other problems.

Key Technical Features

  • Exception reports for overlays and other related problems.
  • Decimal position conversion and optional Unicode conversion features.
  • Totally automated source conversion for all object/source types.
  • Automated bulk recompiling and automated data conversions.
  • Detailed impact analysis for all instances: fields, variables, programs, displays, and reports, including aliases.
  • Integrated project control documentation and integrated change control.

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