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Award-Winning IBM i Spool-File-to-PC Distribution Tool
Spool-Explorer is an end-user driven application that provides access to IBM i spool files from a PC. Using Spool-Explorer's graphical interface and point-and-click functionality, users can display, print, save and email spool files as PDF, RTF, HTML and TXT.

What You Can Do With Spool-Explorer

Powerful Spool File Conversion Options

When users download a spool file with Spool-Explorer, they can save it in several formats including PDF, HTML, RTF, PRN or plain text. AFP spool files may also be saved as TIFs. Spool Explorer lets users build and save customized formatting options that they can apply to the report the next time they download it. They can also apply these report-specific settings to other files of the same type.

Flexible Report Downloads

Spool-Explorer lets users download spool files from a PC application by pointing and clicking, or by running an IBM i command. Spool-Explorer also makes it easy to work with reports that are printed on forms with information in fixed positions, such as invoices and purchase orders. Users can choose to download the report as it appears when displayed on an IBM i session, or with all blank lines embedded.

PDF Functionality

Spool-Explorer includes a number of features related to producing PDF files:
  • Support for PDF file compression and encryption.
  • Support for graphic overlays to be embedded in the PDF file.
  • Additional page sizes and fonts.
  • Support for *RICH format downloads and Rich Format Tags.

Distribution to Multiple PCs

Spool-Explorer lets users define a distribution list which includes multiple PCs. They can then reference the distribution list name when using the IBM i download command included in Spool-Explorer. When executed, the command retrieves the spool file data and downloads it to a file on each PC specified in the distribution list. PC users can even define their preferred destination path for report downloads.

"Spool-Explorer have given us the ability to empower our users to glean the information from existing reports that they feel is most important to them. It has saved us hours of programming time that we would have had to spend on ad hoc reporting."

-K. Fritsch, Capital Health System

How Spool-Explorer Can Help You:

Reduce Printing Costs

Save money by digitally distributing reports. Some clients have reduced the paper they print by 90%, saving them thousands each month.

Reduce IT Reporting Burden

Reduce users' dependence on IT staff to find reports or convert them. Digital report distribution and parsing also reduce the number of reports that IT staff need to write.

Save Time with Digital Reports

Employees save countless hours because they no longer have to file, search, print and mail paper reports. Spool-Explorer also eliminates the need to rekey data into spreadsheets.

User Satisfaction

Employees, partners and customers get the information they need on time and in the format they want. They can also have secure access to the reports from a web portal.

Improve Customer Service

Your customers receive reports and documents such as purchase orders in minutes instead of days. Accounts payable will process invoices faster and more reliably.

Security and Compliance

Spool-Explorer lets you control who can distribute reports. It also provides a history log of all activities to adhere to your compliance needs.

Key Technical Features

  • Flexible selection criteria (report name, queue, etc.)
  • Email with many options
  • Extract email addresses, fax numbers or printers
  • Bulk of client/server workload handled on PC
  • Convert to PDF, RTF, HTML, TXT, TIF, PRN
  • Web archiving and enterprise content management