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IBM i Data Encryption

Go beyond data encryption and provide an additional protection layer by masking and scrambling data that is visible to users. TGEncrypt provides the tools necessary to encrypt, mask, and scramble field values so you can protect your data and comply with security regulations.

TG Encrypt

Protect Specific Fields Within a Database File

Track sensitive data access and get real-time alerts when users access sensitive data. TGEncrypt itntegrates with any SIEM provider to deliver meaningful security information.

Encrypt content in database files

Mask content in database files

Scramble content in database files

Online help

Easy installation and upgrade

Supported 24/7 by our global support team

Try It and See For Yourself

It uses NIST Standard AES-256 encryption to provide maximum protection and granular role-based access control to grant data access on a need-to-know basis.

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