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Guard Access to Your IBM i

Your IBM i is not exempt from cybersecurity threats and attacks that are increasing in severity and number. TGSecure enables you to lock down entry points to critical data. With TGSecure you can create custom user-access policies that meet the needs of your organization.


Advantages of Using TGSecure

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Safeguard your critical data and control access

Protect against unauthorized access and corruption. Secure your IBM i from network security vulnerabilities.

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Protect against unauthorized access and corruption

Avoid security breaches like ransomware. Lock down entry points to critical data.

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Secure your IBM i from network security vulnerabilities

View, customize, and control who can access system resources.


Unmatched expertise

Rely on built-in expertise from IBM i security experts.

Control and Manage System Access

TGSecure’s user-friendly configuration, dynamic reporting, and robust security measures shield your IBM i system from both internal and external threats. You can seamlessly grant or revoke access as required. Integrated features, including network security, user-profile management, access escalation, and session lockdown, empower you to protect your IBM i’s mission-critical assets effectively.

Achieve Effortless Regulatory Compliance

In regulatory audits, precise usage tracking and justification are critical. TGSecure offers the ability to generate comprehensive audit trail reports, ensuring your organization passes audits with ease.

Secure IFS and QSYS Objects

Object-level authorities and IFS permissions are often difficult to implement and manage, leaving valuable data vulnerable to unauthorized access. Configure advanced security schemas to easily evaluate data access authorities & permissions and enforce compliance on an ongoing basis to protect against unauthorized access and corruption.

Try It and See For Yourself. Security Breaches Are Too Costly.

Start securing your IBM i servers now, for free!

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