X-2E Modernize

Automatic conversion of CA 2E applications to a modern language preserves the valuable design model that has been built over the years.

How Do You Retain The Value Of CA 2E Apps?

The CA 2E development environment combines a rich design model with powerful code generation capabilities. But even with this powerful set of features, many companies now face pressure to modernize their business applications beyond the scope of what CA 2E can offer. The challenge is to move forward without discarding the decades of investment in design and evolution stored in the CA 2E model. Fresche’s X-2E Modernize is the solution for modernizing any CA 2E application.

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X-2E Modernize Provides A Truly Modern Architecture

From a technical standpoint, X-2E Modernize automatically generates a Model-View-Controller (MVC) application in a modern language using object oriented methods. The solution takes advantage of CA 2E application architecture to guide the automatic conversion of applications. Using the solution, Fresche services can convert your CA 2E code to Java, Free Form RPG, PHP, and a variety of other modern languages.

How X-2E Modernize Can Help You:

Improve agility

Converting your CA 2E applications to a modern language opens up a world of possibilities: an increased ability to meet rapidly changing business demands for new functionality and sales channels, in addition to easier integration with other systems in your organization. With greater agility comes greater opportunity.

Retain design value

CA 2E forces users to organize code into screen designs, action diagrams, business logic and database components, so X-2E Modernize uses this internal 2E model to extract design information in a structure that maps cleanly into a modern MVC/OO/RESTful architecture.

Find new resources

Retiring resources is one of the biggest headaches facing IBM i shops today. Valuable resources take decades of CA 2E application and database development knowledge with them, and can’t be replaced. Converting to modern technologies opens your organization up to a world of new resources.

Reduce costs

Cost savings are everywhere in a modernized system: reduced development and testing time, cheaper infrastructure and widely available resources. In addition, software licensing fees are often less expensive on modern systems, and the overall technological footprint of the organization is reduced, reducing maintenance costs.

Simplify and standardize technology

Application conversion almost necessarily reduces the organization’s technology footprint. Moving toward a standardized set of technologies across an entire organization reduces complexity, the number of technologies and the number of integration points. This reduces the skill sets required to maintain and manage application ecosystems.

Reduce risk

Older applications risk becoming almost entirely static when the current generation of developers takes its specialized skill set into retirement. And keeping that skill set around becomes more expensive each year. Employees with modern skills are widely available and used to working with standardized technologies.

Characteristics Of Code Converted Into A Modern Language

Fresche’s modernization approach transforms CA 2E to a highly scalable, industry best practice, modern reference architecture using automation via the X-2E Modernize toolset.


X-2E Modernize generates the type of application that would have been written by hand by a professional application architect and team of coders without losing the essence of the original design or functional value. The following are the characteristics of the code once it is transformed into a modern language by X-2E Modernize:

MVC design pattern
Model-View-Controller, as in a Model layer of components that contains business logic, a View layer that contains the outward presentation, and a Controller layer that handles events in the other layers and directs process flow.

Object Orientation
The organization of code into objects (classes), and those classes containing functions. The functions are either callable from other classes, or protected so they can only be called from within their own class.

RESTful interaction
Server components have no inherent knowledge of session state (stateless). Session information that needs to be preserved between workflow activities (screens) is preserved and represented from client-side memory, or via session management functions within the application server software.

X-2E Modernize Key Technical Features:

  • Transforms RPG batch logic into a modern language.
  • Compares original and recovered code.
  • Works over user-defined application areas or individual programs.
  • Generates MVC code from recovered CA 2E designs as RPG Free Format, Java, PHP and other modern languages.

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