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Automatic Conversion of CA 2E (Synon) Applications to Modern Languages

X-2E Modernize

Moving CA 2E Applications Forward

CA 2E combines a rich design model with powerful code generation capabilities. But even with this robust set of features, many companies now face pressure to modernize their business applications beyond the scope of what CA 2E can offer while at the same time lowering costs. The work-from-home movement is just one example of the forces driving change. The challenge is to move forward without discarding the decades of investment in design and evolution stored in the CA 2E model. Fresche’s X-2E Modernize is the solution for modernizing any CA 2E application.
X-2E Workspace
X-2E Selectward

Modern Architecture & Skillsets, Lower Cost

Automated transformation into modern languages enables more agile systems and better maintainability. It also makes it easier to bring on new skillsets, leverage open-source technology, plug into devops solutions, integrate seamlessly with applications and take advantage of the cloud. The X-2E Modernize solution leverages existing CA 2E application architecture to guide the automated transformation of these apps to modern languages such as Java. With modern languages come a deep resource pool, lower license costs and decreased total cost of ownership.

CA 2E Transformation Helps You:

Improve agility

Transforming CA 2E applications to modern languages opens up a world of possibilities: an increased ability to meet rapidly changing business demands, such as the working-from-home movement, key new functionality and improved sales channels, in addition to easier integration with other systems in the organization.

Retain design value

CA 2E applications contain invaluable business logic that can be a company’s key differentiator. This information is often locked inside the CA 2E model. X-2E Modernize uses this internal CA 2E model to extract design information in a structure that maps cleanly into a modern architecture, making it readily available and accessible.

Access skills

Retiring resources are a big challenge for IBM i shops, particularly for CA 2E (Synon) environments. Valuable resources take decades of CA 2E application and database development knowledge into retirement and can’t be replaced. Converting to modern technology opens your company up to a world of new resources.

Reduce costs

Modernized systems lower costs: reduced development/testing time, widely available resources, expedited time to market, etc. Software licensing is less costly on modern systems and there is greater opportunity to leverage open source and cloud, integrate software as a service (SaaS), and minimize the technological footprint.

Simplify and standardize

Moving toward a standardized set of technologies across an entire organization reduces complexity, the number of technologies and the number of integration points. This reduces the skill sets required to maintain and manage application ecosystems, which can lead to a variety of cost reductions.

Reduce risk

Core applications are at risk when the current developers leave or retire, taking their tribal knowledge with them. Keeping that skill set around also becomes more expensive each year. There is a much wider talent pool available working with standardized, proven technologies that provide enhanced integration.

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