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Fresche Employees Birgitta Hauser, Mike Pavlak and Pascal Polverini Named IBM Champions

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Fresche experts recognized for dedication to maximizing the effectiveness of IBM i for clients worldwide.

Montreal, Canada, February 13, 2020 – Fresche Solutions, the leading provider of IBM i digital transformation enablement, application modernization and management solutions, is pleased to announce that Birgitta Hauser and Pascal Polverini have joined Mike Pavlak as IBM Champions for 2020. This is the first time on the champion’s list for Ms. Hauser and Mr. Polverini, while Mr. Pavlak has been recognized multiple times. The IBM Champion program recognizes innovative thought leaders in the technical community and rewards their efforts by amplifying their voice and increasing their sphere of influence. IBM recognized the Fresche employees through its program for their extraordinary contributions to IBM i communities around the world.

“We are very proud of the work that Birgitta, Mike and Pascal are doing in the IBM i community,” said Daniel Crépeau, Fresche President and CEO. “They are the very definition of IBM Champions. Their diverse skill sets help companies to solve both business and technical challenges as well as provide direction and guidance on how to innovate for the future. There is a pressing need for companies in all industries to innovate and modernize in order to compete and ensure viability for their future. With the guidance provided by Birgitta, Mike and Pascal, companies are moving forward and taking advantage of cognitive computing, advanced analytics, cloud computing, open source and more. At Fresche, Birgitta, Mike and Pascal show IBM i users how to modernize effectively so they can benefit from technologies that will keep them competitive for years to come.”

About the Fresche Champions
Birgitta Hauser: As a key member of Fresche’s Transformation Enablement team, Ms. Hauser advocates for IBM solutions, shares her knowledge and expertise, and helps nurture and grow independent communities. Ms. Hauser’s stated mission is to help IBM i shops extract all of the value they possibly can from IBM Power Systems by taking full advantage of the platform’s endless possibilities and by modernizing to stay in step with current advances in computing. Involved in all aspects of IBM i modernization, Ms. Hauser has a particular focus on databases and data. She is a tireless consultant, programmer, technical advisor, database guru, author and presenter at numerous IBM and IT forums, including NEUCG, POWERUp, OCEAN, Common Sweden and POW3R 2019 (Germany). She is widely published in IBM DeveloperWorks, Germany’s TechKnowLetter and several other publications. She also develops several open source tools at GitHub.

Mike Pavlak: A repeat IBM Champion, Mike Pavlak is a senior IT Strategist in the Fresche Client Advisory department. He provides in-depth analysis of IBM i environments to clients worldwide and helps them plan and execute modernization programs that will better support business initiatives and bolster revenue. A frequent presenter at COMMON and numerous other IBM i-related conferences, Mr. Pavlak is well-known for his promotion of PHP, open source and AI initiatives in conjunction with IBM i. Mr. Pavlak has written extensively on IBM i solutions, notably for IBM Systems Magazine, and as technical editor for iPro Developer and System iNEWS. In addition to user groups, trade shows and industry events, Mr. Pavlak contributes to the IBM i community through blogs, podcasts, webinars and online training courses.

Pascal Polverini: As a Fresche Senior Solution Architect, Mr. Polverini is an enthusiastic promoter of all things IBM – in particular, technologies that will keep IBM i current with recent trends in computing. He is known throughout the international IBM community as a champion of Data and AI on IBM i, having recently received a speaker’s award at USA COMMON for last year’s AI & Cognitive session. He has decades of experience as an architect and is a pioneer in RPG Open Access and cross technology, having helped IBM i shops around the world with their modernization programs by providing a method for moving applications and databases smoothly into the future. An IBM i Advisory Council member, Mr. Polverini is a frequent presenter at conferences, and works in close collaboration with the Montpellier – IBM System Center to ensure that IBM i leverages all the benefits of AI, Cloud, open source and end-to-end testing methodologies. He maintains a significant online presence as the owner of two IBM i groups at LinkedIn and as an Individual Associate at OpenPOWER Foundation.

Birgitta Hauser, Mike Pavlak and Pascal Polverini will maintain the IBM Champion title throughout 2020, with the possibility of renewing the designation in the following year.

About the IBM Champion program
The IBM Champion program recognizes and rewards external experts and thought leaders for their work with IBM products and communities. The program supports advocates and experts across IBM in areas that include Blockchain, Cloud, Collaboration, Data & Analytics, Security, Storage, Power, Watson IoT, and IBM Z. An IBM Champion is an IT professional, business leader, developer, or educator who influences and mentors others to help them innovate and transform digitally with IBM software, solutions, and services.

About Fresche Solutions
Fresche is the leading provider of application modernization and management solutions that enable digital transformation for companies that rely on IBM i Systems. Our added-value products and services bring clients the best, boldest ways to modernize and better manage their business and IT. Fresche helps them fuel transformation and growth, improve their productivity and competitiveness while reducing the risks. Fresche has a wide network, with more than 200 business partners worldwide.

Headquartered in Montréal, the company has offices in United States, Australia, India as well as Europe. Fresche investors include Le Fonds de solidarité FTQ and Fondaction.

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