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Iron Valley uses WebSmart to develop competitive online presence

Responsive PHP eCommerce application drives website traffic and reduces customer service calls

Iron Valley, a leading sporting goods distributor, launched a new responsive eCommerce website that was developed by Fresche’s web development services team using WebSmart PHP, Fresche’s rapid web application development solution.

The B2B order entry application is responsive, accesses DB2 data and includes advanced search capabilities, real-time inventory and the ability to save shopping carts. It also includes convenient reporting for users, who can now review past orders, pending orders and more.


Iron Valley required a modern eCommerce solution to replace their dated online shopping cart. According to Todd Glassford, IT Director:

“We had some web experience prior to the WebSmart project. We started in 1997 with a Windows eCommerce application that we built from scratch. Back then, it was great to have a B2B application in our industry. Unfortunately, it wasn’t a competitive issue – it was a nice to have.

Gradually, the complexity of the application, Windows Server, SQL Server and IAS became more expensive for us to maintain. We’re a small IBM i midrange shop – not a Windows shop. I saw that we were heading to a point where I was going to have to try to afford to maintain skills and complex capability on two platforms and something was going to have to give.”


After using Fresche’s Presto to modernize a warehouse application, Iron Valley engaged Fresche’s web development services team to develop a mobile-friendly eCommerce website that replaced the Windows application.

The new application enables dealers to efficiently find and order products from the Iron Valley website. It accesses DB2 data and is responsive, meaning that it automatically resizes based on the device you’re accessing the website from. This provides the end user with the optimal look and functionality regardless of whether they’re ordering products on their PC, tablet or smartphone.

The application also features:
  • Advanced search capabilities that make it easier for customers to find products within Iron Valley’s large inventory
  • Real-time inventory
  • The ability to save shopping carts
  • Convenient reporting for users to review past orders, pending orders and more
  • Easy-to-use admin interface for updating products, ads, etc.


In the first 24 hours of cutting off the old site, Iron Valley didn’t receive a single support call and website traffic was up 90%. “Our customers are going to buy from the website that’s easiest to use. Our [WebSmart-developed] website is quick and easy for folks to find what they’re looking for. Pushing data out to our customers and giving them self-service helps them, and it helps us,” says Todd.

“The level of skill, service and professionalism that Fresche has provided has been outstanding by all measures,” says Todd. “I can’t emphasize enough the importance of professional project management. It was very important to have a good leader to manage the development and keep the project on time and on budget.”

Lisa Shows, an Account Manager with 20+ years’ experience, also comments: “I have had nothing but good feedback on the new website. Everyone likes the ease of using it. I have been told by a few accounts that it is by far the best distributor website.”

“I have had nothing but good feedback on the new website. Everyone likes the ease of using it. I have been told by a few accounts that it is by far the best distributor website.”

Lisa Shows, Account Manager, Iron Valley USA

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