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Thoroughly Modern: Still Making These Six IBM i Security Faux Pas? Stop!

Thoroughly Modern: Still Making These Six IBM i Security Faux Pas? STOP!

As the backbone of many enterprise IT environments, IBM i platforms are known for their robustness, reliability, and security. However, even the most resilient systems are not immune to vulnerabilities if not properly managed.

Despite their powerful capabilities, IBM i environments often suffer from outdated security practices that can expose your organization to significant risks. This article highlights the most common IBM i security faux pas and provides actionable mitigation strategies.

The Most Common IBM i Security Challenges

1. Outdated Operating System

One of the simplest yet most overlooked steps to secure an IBM i environment is to keep the operating system up to date. Outdated systems are a haven for vulnerabilities that have been patched in later releases. When these updates are ignored, you expose your organization to known exploits, and reduce the efficacy of your entire security framework. It is critical to regularly update your IBM i operating system to the latest version.

Solution: Establish a robust update policy that includes:

  • Scheduled Maintenance Windows: Plan regular maintenance windows to apply updates. Be careful not to disrupt operations.
  • Automated Patch Management: Use tools that automate the identification and application of PTFs.
  • Testing Procedures: Before you deploy updates, test them in a staging environment to ensure compatibility and stability…read more on IT Jungle.
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