What Is This Thing Called IBM i?

What Is This Thing Called IBM i?

15:44 21 December in Blog, Green Screen Modernization, IBM i Developer Productivity, IT Strategy
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What could we tell a new user or customer of IBM i? How could it fundamentally be defined?
We might say it’s an operating system, just like Windows, with the hardware running it being Power Systems by IBM. But IBM i is unique, not just a typical operating system, but an environment of its own: an operating environment!

When you compare it to other systems, there are things you don’t have to buy with IBM i, things that it can do that other environments do not or cannot. It includes the following:

Database and file serving, user interface, security, work management, virtualization, availability, networking and connectivity, auditing, storage management, application serving.

It is one inherent database, a consistent one; if you have multiple vendors selling you software that use the same database – you won’t have to purchase another one! It doesn’t have database administrators to carve up the environment, so to speak, and this is exactly what makes it unique.

The user interface used to be a simple, typical green screen, but now comes in multiple formats and visual forms. In fact, most modern applications written on IBM i nowadays use a web browser interface that can be used on mobile devices, PCs, and more.

One of IBM i’s strengths is its built-in security, but it is often also a struggle for individuals or companies using it use it to its full potential. Multiple workloads on one same server is exactly what makes the work management and virtualization aspect of IBM i so significant.

As a whole, IBM i is an integrated operating environment with a reputation for exceptional security and business resilience. It runs a lot of mission-critical business applications.

Originally known as AS/400, IBM i has tremendously evolved to where it is today. Let me take you through the definitions, uses and best practices to take the mystery out of what IBM i can do for you.

About Trevor Perry

With over 35 years of IBM i expertise, 12 years at Fresche Solutions (formerly looksoftware) and 5 years as an IBM i Champion, Trevor Perry has established himself as a thought leader and played a key role in educating the IBM i market on what’s possible on this operating system. He has extensive knowledge of green screen modernization and specializes in strategizing for high end user adoption rates of modernized applications. He also frequently presents at Power Systems events all over the world and regularly leads webinars on hot topics in the community such as IBM i Strategy and Green Screen Modernization best practices. He is a true IT strategist with a passion for public speaking and writing!

  • Pascal Polverini 7:11 pm, December 22, 2017 Reply

    This is the most comprehensive presentation for the whole IBM i platform I ever seen (and in less than 1 hour!).
    Excellent and “connecting the dots”. Well done!

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