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From Tradition to Transformation: IBM i in the Era of Cloud & AI

The value of IBM i is undeniable, especially if you are running an IBM i shop. But that does not mean IT leaders can ignore pivotal market changes in cloud, cybersecurity, and AI. These disruptive forces all have something in common – they are driving change. They are shaping operations and future strategies, pushing IT leaders to innovate.

As we dig deeper into these transformative forces, it becomes clearer that the path forward for IBM i shops is all about continuous evolution and strategic foresight.

Cybersecurity: Trends and Tactics

Cybersecurity has been a major concern in the past few years. IT leaders realized the devastating impact data breaches, ransomware, and security vulnerabilities can have, often witnessing firsthand the fallout from these cyberattacks. While more and more IBM i shops are investing in cybersecurity, it is alarming that 30 percent (IBM i Marketplace Survey, 2023) still lack critical defenses like multifactor authentication, antivirus, and ransomware protection. Even among those who prioritize security, there is often….read more on IT Jungle.

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