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PHP on IBM i

Troubleshooting Performance with PHP on IBM i

So you have a PHP application running on your IBM i, but you’re starting to get complaints about performance. What do you do? Where do you look? Hopefully some of the tips below can give you a head start.
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web application

Part 2: Business Benefits of Strategic Web Applications for IBM i Shops

Modernize Your Green Screens Simplify your Delivery Your green screen applications can be modernized and transformed so they are delivered in the browser. This can be done using third-party tools […]
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For Your Eyes Only

How to Keep your IBM i Environment Secure and Future-Proof it IBM i modernization projects are complex. Multiple issues need to be considered with modernization. How ‘deep’ you go in […]
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Innovation Through Your IBM i Applications: Removing the IDK Effect

As IT professionals, we should always think about how to improve processes and methods. One of my own experiences involved the need to improve the way orders were being picked in […]
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Part 1: Business Benefits of Strategic Web Applications for IBM i Shops

As we move further into the 21st century, the devices and interfaces we use to access data continue to change and evolve. Smartphones are ubiquitous, and we can now access […]
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Happy 30th Birthday, IBM i

In 1988, I moved from Australia to the United States. My plans were not permanent, yet it is now 30 years since I emigrated. That same year, AS/400 was born […]
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Reasons to Join Me at COMMON's POWERUp18

I’m headed to San Antonio for COMMON’s POWERUp18 conference to mingle with industry people, collaborate with colleagues from far and wide, and of course, this year I also have several […]
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IBM i modernization projects - Cleanup on Aisle New

There are some fundamental parts in almost all IBM i modernization projects: - Reengineer the database (DB2 for i) - Refactor the code (RPG or COBOL) - Improve the user […]
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Why Web & Mobile Applications Are Crucial for Your Business Growth

Over the last 10 years, we have seen a huge change in usage and adoption of web and mobile applications. In that period, they’ve gone from zero to imperative due […]
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