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A Flexible Portfolio to Meet All Your IBM i (AS/400) Needs

We believe in developing tools that are reliable, easy to use and that add value to your business. With the largest portfolio of IBM i application modernization and management solutions available today, we offer tools for analysis, productivity enhancement, automated code conversion, database modernization, Web and mobile application development and reporting & document distribution. We also have call center solutions for the Avaya market under our NetLert brand. In addition, we still actively maintain our HP e3000 product line under the Speedware name. Below are just some of our many products. If you do not find what you are looking for, contact us and we’ll help you.

Analysis & Productivity

X-Analysis View
X-Analysis View provides developers with application and data insight to reduce the time and effort required to modify, maintain and test IBM i applications.
X-Analysis Advisor
X-Analysis Advisor analyzes code quality, extracts business rules and helps document your entire system: code rules, data model, application and data flows, call structures and more.
X-Datatest prepares test databases for undocumented IBM i applications and helps you automatically develop test cases, mask sensitive data, age dates and view output comparisons.
X-Replay is a function-rich 5250 screen testing solution that provides a flexible, highly-automated method of testing your IBM i application UIs during development.
X-Resize automatically resizes database fields and all fields in affected programs on IBM i to eliminate risk and reduce project length.
X-A Open
X-A Open automatically analyzes languages such as Java and PHP to help you understand everything on your IBM i and other platforms.
X-2E Analysis
X-2E Analysis provides automated and interactive analysis, documentation and impact analysis for CA 2E (Synon) applications on IBM i.

APIs and Modular Architecture

X‑Elevate is a rapid development framework to build modular, next-gen, free-form RPG applications.

GUI, Web & Mobile Enablement and Development

Newlook Suite is an integrated toolset that simplifies and improves the process of generating graphical UIs and modernizing IBM i applications. Developers can mix and match products in the suite to improve the look and usability of their IBM i applications and meet their customers’ requirements.


Presto gives your IBM i green screens and new RPG programs a modern web GUI using the 5250 datastream or RPG Open Access. It also gives you endless opportunities to add new functionality.

Reporting & Document Distribution

Clover is a business intelligence tool that enables users to quickly create real-time web reports that access DB2, MySQL and MS SQL data.
Business i
Business i is a modern business intelligence suite that transforms IBM i data into real-time, interactive charts and reports that users can analyze and share in a few clicks.
QuadraDocV is a virtual enterprise FoIP (fax) server that integrates directly with your document-generating enterprise applications to automatically send, receive, route, archive and manage your faxes.
Formtastic extracts data from your plain text spool files and inserts it into a custom designed document overlay without any recoding or development.
Catapult helps organizations save time and reduce printing costs by automatically, electronically distributing spool files and PC files as PDF, XLS and more.
Nexus is an IBM i-hosted web portal that gives employees, vendors and/or customers secure, organized access to enterprise information from their browsers.

Code & Database Modernization

X-Modernize is an automated conversion tool that helps you transform RPG applications to modern languages such as Java.
X-2E Modernize
X-2E Modernize is an automated conversion tool that transforms CA 2E (Synon) applications into Java and other modern languages. X-2E Modernize performs the conversion from the recovered Synon model.
X-DB Modernize
X-DB Modernize automatically converts DDS to DDL to provide access to all the latest database features from IBM.
X-DB Transform converts DDS to DDL, remodels table structure and converts data types.

z/OS Application Testing and DB2 Performance

TestBase allows you to quickly retrieve manageable subsets of referentially intact data from DB2® databases around the enterprise, thoroughly test and validate proper functioning of all DB2 application enhancements, and ensure that all sensitive production data remains completely private during testing.
Batch Healthcare
Batch Healthcare provides a far more cost-effective and reliable solution to shorten your batch run times than purchasing expensive CPU upgrades.

HP e3000 Solutions

The Speedware line contains rapid application development and refacing tools, BI software and a complete HP e3000 migration suite.

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