X-Analysis Professional

Automated graphical documentation and impact analysis for RPG and COBOL give you a complete view of your IBM i environment.

Do you understand your IBM i applications?

Understanding an IBM i application can be difficult, especially if developers are not familiar with the system or if the documentation is unclear. IBM i managers often turn to code analysis to improve visibility and productivity, but without a proven set of tools, they are still largely unsure what they’ve got. Not knowing your system leads to planning and estimation problems for maintenance, development and modernization. That’s where X-Analysis Professional comes in to help.

XA App Area Diagram

X-Analysis Professional brings clarity

Fresche’s X-Analysis Professional is an application analysis and productivity tool that lets IBM i developers analyze and document their systems in detail, and extract design information so they can easily make updates. It allows developers to better understand, maintain, enhance and evolve their RPG, CA 2E (SYNON) and COBOL applications. It identifies all areas that would be impacted by code changes, saving time as well as removing any risks typically associated with modifying code. X-Analysis Professional is the foundation of the full X-Analysis tool set and works with the modules to provide extended functionality.

A Look at X-Analysis Professional

Automated application documentation & impact analysis

How X-Analysis Professional can help you:

Understand your applications

Graphical interface makes complex relationships in IBM i applications easy to understand by giving you a visual rendering of objects from multiple points of view.

See all connections

Powerful ‘go-anywhere-from-anywhere’ drill-downs let you see all of the connections in your applications. Color coding gives instant visual cues.

Understand change impact

Powerful impact analysis lets you see every place where an object is used. A single click gives you a list or graphic of every object that has a relationship with the object you clicked.

Educate the organization

Documentation is easily exported to other formats, such as Microsoft Word, Excel or Visio for easy sharing throughout your organization.

Publish the data model

Relational database model of your IBM i application databases is derived by examining your DDS, database objects and application code.

See it in plain language

An easy-to-understand pseudo code view of applications lets business analysts and non-technical employees understand the structure of the application.

X-Analysis key technical features:

  • Interactive data flow and structure chart diagrams
  • Plug-in to Eclipse or WDSc/RDi/RDp
  • Interactive source code browser and RPG as Pseudo code
  • Object and procedures where used for impact analysis
  • Variable Tracing – drilling down through multiple layers or variables and programs/files/screens
  • Automated generation of relational data model from RPG/COBOL

Some of our X-Analysis clients

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