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A Flexible Portfolio of Products to Meet All Your IBM i (AS/400) Needs

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IBM i Analysis and Productivity Tools

Maximize the value from your RPG, COBOL and CA 2E Synon applications.

IBM i UI Modernization

Give your IBM i green screens and net new RPG programs a modern web UI.

IBM i Web & Mobile Application Development

Create custom RPG and PHP applications & APIs using responsive templates.

IBM i Document Modernization

Automated IBM i spool file modernization with custom document design.

IBM i Security Suite

Security & Compliance for IBM i

Simplified security management, compliance, and system monitoring.


Security as a Service (SECaaS)

A comprehensive overview of the security configuration of your IBM i partitions.

Integrated Enterprise Fax Solution for IBM i

Central fax and email management with advanced routing, bundling capabilities, and off-hour document delivery.

Security Reporting at Your Fingertips

Powerful security reporting tools that provide immediate visibility into potential security weaknesses and custom reporting.

Guard Access to Your IBM i

Lock down your exit points and can create custom user-access policies that meet your needs.

IBM i Security Event Monitoring

Early detection and real-time notifications of critical IBM i security events.

Centralized IBM i Security Management

Comprehensive dashboard to monitor and manage security in complex environments.

IBM i Data Encryption

Encrypt, mask, and scramble field values to protect data and comply with regulations.

IBM i Cloud Hosting

The reliability of IBM i with the benefits of the cloud

Gain the flexibility and scalability of modern cloud computing for your business-critical applications.



Solutions to develop fully integrated applications that deliver modern, intuitive, browser-based customer experiences.

Staffing & Application Services

Professional Services to Help Build and Maintain Your Applications

Hire developers with IBM i, RPG, HP-UX, and web application skills for system maintenance and modernization efforts.

Transformation and Code Conversion

IBM i Application Modernization with Intelligent Code Conversion

Automate the transformation of legacy systems into modern architecture and code.

Fresche Cloud Managed Services

IBM i (AS/400) Managed Services

Leverage IBM i engineers' expertise to effectively manage your environment.

Infrastructure Managed Services

OS upgrades, performance assessments, and health checks

Thorough assessment of your IBM i environment’s performance and historical data.

Avaya Call Center Solutions

Web-based Call Center Reporting

N-Focus, N-Focus AES, and N-Focus Plus: designed to revolutionize your Avaya call center operations.

Mainframe Solutions

Db2 Tools & Expertise

Equip application developers with intuitive DB2 tools such as TestBase to enhance productivity.


Training for Your Entire Team

Discuss specific needs and project goals, get hands on experience, learn to identify and resolve issues.

New Application Development & Integration

Modern Web and Mobile Applications

Leverage engineering experts and industry-leading tools to develop enterprise applications.

IBM i Infrastructure Modernization

Cloud for Your IBM i Infrastructure

Migrate your IBM i applications to Fresche Cloud securely.

IBM i Application Modernization

Optimize Your IBM i Applications

Deliver more value and enhance the customer experience to stay competitive.

Strategic Advisory

Get IT and Business on the Same Page

Work with strategy experts to gain a 360-degree view of your IBM i application landscape.

Application Generator & Report Writer

Easy-to-use IBM i tool to deploy commercial-quality applications, programs & reports.

Simplify IBM i Application Management

Analyze code quality, extract business rules, and document your entire system.

Speed Up IBM i Development

Equip RPG & COBOL developers with application and data insights.

Evolve CA 2E Applications Effortlessly

Automate graphical documentation, business rule extraction, and application metrics.

Automatic IBM i 5250 UI Testing

Flexible, highly-automated tool test your 5250 screens during development.

Optimize IBM i Application Testing

A comprehensive data and test management solution for large IBM i applications.

Resize IBM i database fields

Automate field resizing in the affected programs on your IBM i.

Automated Report & Document Distribution

Reliable delivery of spool files and PC files in preferred formats.

IBM i Spool-File-to-PC Distribution Tool

Display, print, save, and email spool files as PDF, RTF, HTML, or TXT.


Migrate 3GL Applications from HP 3000

Automatically convert code for new compilers without modifying MP-specific code.

Development Tools

Create a variety of mission-critical business applications.

Rapid RPG to Java/PHP Modernization

Automated conversion tool that transforms RPG applications to modern languages.

Automatic Conversion of DDS to DDL

Convert data types, remodel table structure, and convert DDS to DDL.

Database Modernization and Transformation

Manage, Enhance, and Evolve Your IBM i

Make your IBM i accessible to non-IBM i programmers while preserving its functionality.

Synon Solutions

Maintain & Enhance CA 2E (SYNON) Applications

Modernize your CA 2E (SYNON) environment for continued IBM i application development.

Backup and Recovery

IBM i Backup and Recovery

Safely back up your data using tape or local disk-to-disk solutions.

Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery Plans for Your IBM i

Ensure business continuity with HA/DR solutions that safeguard your data.

Remote Managed Services

Remote Managed Services for IBM i

Admin support for AS/400 and accompanying AIX, Linux & x86 systems.

Securely Access Enterprise Information

IBM i-hosted web portal to enable browser access to enterprise information.

Rapid Free-Form RPG Application Development

Rapid development tool to build modular, next-gen, free-form RPG applications.

Custom Development

Professional Services

Access to expert teams of product developers, digital engineers, and IBM i experts.

UI Modernization

Web & Mobile Enablement

Develop a well-planned modern web and mobile application strategy for your IBM i.

Improve Application Usability

Give your IBM i applications a new look in minutes.

Real-time IBM i Web Reports

Create real-time web-based reports with DB2, MySQL, and MS SQL templates.

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